About Us

AboutUs1       The owner of Harajuku Crepe, Rio Hirashima, came to Los Angeles in 2005. He quickly noticed that the crepes here are different from those in Japan. In September 2009, Rio opened Harajuku Crepe in Beverly Hills to introduce Japanese-style crepes to Los Angeles.

      The store is named for a hip section of Tokyo, known for its cutting-edge fashion as well as its popular crepe stands. Harajuku-style crepes are always rolled into an easy-to-handle cone shape. This makes them ideal for eating on the go. The sweet crepes are filled with fresh-cut fruit, homemade whipped cream, and often ice cream. The savory crepes are most commonly filled with different types of salad. At Harajuku Crepe we use fresh, mostly organic ingredients for an even healthier snack or meal, from breakfast to an after-dinner dessert. We offer several different crepe batters - including original, green tea, and buckwheat - which is just one of the many ways you can customize your crepe.

AboutUs2       To complement our crepes we carry a wide assortment of authentic Japanese teas imported from Shizuoka, Japan. In addition, we offer freshly ground Intelligentsia coffee. Our tea and coffee is individually brewed by the cup.

      All of our crepes and drinks are served in compostable containers, helping to make the business environmentally-friendly. We also purchase locally-grown fruits when available. Here at Harajuku crepe we pride ourselves on combining high-quality products with friendly customer service. Come visit us and experience it for yourself!